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roosterswings: I love Roosters! All my friends know it’s my favorite restaurant! Also tried the Mac and cheese at the Pickerington location last night and I am very impressed!! Please keep it! On another note, we had a really awesome server. I forget her name but she had the section beside the hostess station in the late evening. Anyways, a couple teenagers decided it would be ideal to walk out on their bill without paying. I had heard of some restaurants making the server pay the bill. So we asked her if she would have to. She wouldn’t really tell us at first then finally said she would have to pay a percentage. We felt really bad so we gave her like $22 to help. She wouldn’t take it but I tossed it on the table and left. Of course, I know business is business and I don’t know all of the police and procedures and such. But if someone steals from a department store, they don’t make the cashier pay for it. Please reconsider this policy for your servers. That could have wiped her whole income for the night had it been slow (doesn’t usually happen at roosters though 😉) or a bad tip day. I’m not mad or bashing or anything so please don’t take it like that. I love Roosters and always will. Just feel really bad.

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December 31

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